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How to build a work wardrobe on a budget

Female architect reviewing model at table in office “Keep a list of what you are borrowing and whom it belongs to. Do the neighborly thing and clean it before you give it back.” You might also want to arrange a clothing swap with your friends. “Clothing swaps were huge in the mid-2000's, and I'm all for continuing on the tradition,” says Vembar. “Everyone brings a few pieces that they aren't wearing anymore to a party and everyone swaps clothing. It can infuse new life into your wardrobe.” One mistake I made was thinking that I needed a whole new wardrobe to make the transition from college kid life to working adult life. Not only did I waste money with this approach, I got a lot of stuff I didn’t need (or particularly want) — plus, I ended up with massive clutter since I didn’t want to part with any of my non-work clothes. “Too often people feel like building a business wardrobe means they have to buy everything (an entire wardrobe) all at once,” says Patrice J. Williams , style expert and writer. “But when you're on a budget , that just isn't feasible; instead I suggest creating a list of essentials and prioritizing them based on your job's daily functions. For example: if you're on your feet a lot at work, a pair of comfy sturdy patent pumps would be a priority. If you take a lot of meetings with clients on off-site locations, a structured bag would be a nice option.

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